e.g.1 This structure is too easy for you to remember.
e.g.2: He ran too fast for me to follow.

e.g.1: This box is so heavy that I cannot take it.
e.g2: He speaks so soft that we can’t hear anything.

e.g.1: It is such a heavy box that I cannot take it.
e.g.2: It is such interesting books that I cannot ignore them at all.

e.g.1: She is old enough to get married.
e.g.2: They are intelligent enough for me to teach them English.

e.g.1: I had my hair cut yesterday.
e.g.2: I’d like to have my shoes repaired.

e.g.1: It is time you had a shower.
e.g.2: It’s time for me to ask all of you for this question.

e.g.1: It takes me 5 minutes to get to school.
e.g.2: It took him 10 minutes to do this exercise yesterday.

e.g.1: I can’t prevent him from smoking
e.g.2: I can’t stop her from tearing

e.g.1: I find it very difficult to learn about English.
e.g.2: They found it easy to overcome that problem.

e.g.1: I prefer dog to cat.
e.g.2: I prefer reading books to watching TV.

e.g.1: She would rather play games than read books.
e.g.2: I’d rather learn English than learn Biology.

e.g.1: I am used to eating with chopsticks.

e.g.1: I used to go fishing with my friend when I was young.
e.g.2: She used to smoke 10 cigarettes a day.

e.g: I’m so surprised at being chosen for the leader position.

e.g: She’s angry at his behavior.

e.g: She’s good at dancing.

e.g: I met my ex-boyfreind by accident last night.

e.g: I'm getting tired of this relationship.

e.g: I can't stand laughing at her joke.

e.g: I'm fond of reading books.

e.g: I'm interested in fashion and technology.

e.g: Do not waste time on convincing him

To spend + amount of time/ money + on + something (dành thời gian vào việc gì…) e.g.1: I spend 2 hours reading books a day.
e.g.2: She spent all of her money on clothes.

e.g: My cousin has given up smoking thanks to his son.

e.g: I want to buy that car. e.g: I wish to understand what he is thinking now.

e.g: I have some vegetable to cook dinner.

e.g: It’s Liz that Peter is looking for.

e.g: You had better finish your housework before mom comes back home.

e.g.1: I always practise speaking English everyday. e.g. 2: Noah hates eating spinach.

e.g: It’s so late to go out for dinner.

e.g: The meeting will take place in Riverside Palace.

e.g: My nephew is excited about the short trip to the zoo this weekend.

e.g: I’m fed up with this job.

e.g: There is a little dog standing in front of my house.

e.g: I feel like going to the gym to day.

e.g: I expect him to come earlier.

e.g: My mom advises me to not get married soon.

E.g. go camping, go fishing, go shopping,…

e.g: Could you please leave me alone?

e.g: By doing what you love you inspire and awaken the hearts of others 

e.g.1: I decide to study English.

e.g: I haven’t been back to Thailand for years.

e.g: When she came, we were having lunch.

e.g: When she came, we had just finished our lunch.

e.g: Before she came, we had finished our lunch.

e.g: After we had finished our lunch, she came.

e.g: The street is crowded with foreigner tourists.

e.g: The city is full of cars.

e.g: You look awful today. What happens?

e.g.1: That film is boring.
e.g.2: He is bored.
e.g.3: He is an interesting man.
e.g.4: That book is an interesting one. (khi đó không nên nhầm với –ed, chẳng hạn ta nói : a loved man có nghĩa “người đàn ông được mến mộ”, tức là có nghĩa “Bị” và “Được” ở đó)

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